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OUT OF OFFICE - Not a problem!

- September 10, 2018
  This week, PropTech firm When You Move have released their latest report from the property sector. Surveying 2,000 homeowners, the report focuses on “conveyancer absenteeism” causing delays to p....

The Evolution of Cybercrime

- August 28, 2018
Computer systems have become a way of life in 2018; we cannot escape them. Gone are the days of your Grandma telling you “I don’t do technology”; with the proportion of adults aged 65 years and over w....

Our Pick of £1 Million Houses!

- July 27, 2018
Today, the Land Registry has announced that in June, 387 residential properties were sold in England and Wales for £1 million and over. We take a look at what you could buy if you had a spare £1 milli....

Four Average UK Homes…And A Car Parking Space

- July 16, 2018
As of April 2018, the average house price in the UK reached £226,906. In the first of our monthly property segments, we take a look at what you can get for the average property value in the UK. Great....

The Power of Bank of Mum and Dad

- July 12, 2018
The Bank of Mum and Dad (BoMaD) has been an influencing party in the property sector for some years. Sadly, many first-time buyers simply wouldn’t get on the housing market if it wasn’t for the kind s....